Glitter is similar to bronze and aluminum powders in giving a metallic look to a medium but the particles are always distinct.  They range in size from .002" square (barely visible) to a chunky 1/4 inch. They are made of plastic, aluminum or polyester foil, coated with lacquer containing transparent dyes, and then precision cut to a multitude of sizes and shapes. The basic types of glitter are:

bulletPlain Coated - for decorative, short term applications where the glitter is dusted on dry and not exposed to solvents.
bulletEpoxy Coated - either aluminum or polyester foil for exposure to solvents, heat and sunlight
bulletUltra Stardust - a shimmery pearlescent mix of subtle shades on white background

Glitter is non-tarnishing and available in a wide variety of colors and packaging.


General (Arts & Crafts Quality)

Extra Brite (Maximum Brightness & Fastness)

Ultra Stardust Series

Conversion Chart for Glitter Sizes & Particle Guide

 Please inquire for more current product lists and prices.


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