Bronze & Aluminum Powders


Bronze and aluminum powders are metallic pigments used to impart a gold or silver color.  They consist of fine particles of brass (copper and zinc) or pure aluminum.   Bronze and aluminum powders are characterized by SHADE and FINENESS. The most common shades are:

bulletRichgold - an almost greenish, yellow gold, closer to "brass"
bulletRichpalegold -an intermediate shade closest to 22K gold color
bulletPalegold - a coppery reddish shade
bulletCopper - like a new copper penny
bulletAluminum - silvery but with some gray tones

The categories of fineness include:

bulletExtra Brilliant or Brilliant - a coarse flake (25 microns or larger) which shows real sparkle but a sometimes grainy surface
bulletFine or Lining - a more matte finish (10-15 microns) allowing fine detail
bulletExtra Fine or Superfine - smoothest surface (3-5 microns), provides best coverage with a metallic sheen, but no sparkle

Bronze and aluminum powders are sold by weight and standard packages ranging from small vials to 100 pound drums.  The LUCO line is suited to both high-volume industrial use and retail or hobby marketing.  Our technical support staff can help you determine the best powders for your needs.


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