Imitation Leaf

Imitation Leaf:

bulletEach pack contains 20 books.
bulletEach book has 25 leaves measuring 5-1/2" x 5-1/2".
bulletEach pack will cover approximately 105 square feet.

Types of Imitation Leaf:


Composition Leaf (also known as imitation leaf or Dutch gold): Made from brass and a combination of zinc and copper. Thickness is approximately 0.3 microns. Color: #1 is a very deep red, composed of 10% zinc and 90% copper. #2 is a red/gold color, composed of 12% zinc and 88% copper. #2 has a color similar to that of 22K gold leaf, composed of 15% zinc and 85% copper. This color is most popular. #3 is a yellow color, composed of 18% zinc and 82% copper.

1 #1 2 #2 2.5 #2 ½ 3 #3


Composition Leaf #2 1/2 Patent: same as regular composition leaf 2 ½ but adhered to paper for easy transfer (like patent genuine gold leaf).


Aluminum Leaf: This is silver in color and made from pure aluminum.


bulletAluminum Leaf Patent: same as regular aluminum leaf but adhered to paper for easy transfer.

Copper Leaf: This is made from pure copper.


bulletVariegated Leaf: This is metal leaf which has been treated to create colorful patterns in the leaf. The random patterns vary from pack to pack. Color: Red-Copper leaf is the base for red variegated leaf and red, orange, yellow and slight blue tones are achieved. The predominant color is red and the colors can be intense and of iridescent quality. Blue & Green - Blue and green variegated leaf are produced from color #2 composition leaf and are similar in color. The blue variegated leaves are selected for a higher prominence of deep blue tones. The green variegated leaves are chosen for their overall subdued and mellow shades.

               Red                    Blue                     Green                   Black

bulletSchlag Metal and Aluminum Leaf: Metal leaves made from a mixture of zinc and copper are available in both silver, gold and copper types and are sold in books of 25 leaves, 14cm square, and stuck temporarily to a backing sheet. The silver Dutch metal has the advantage over real silver in that it doesn't tarnish. However it has the disadvantage that it doesn't stick to itself so only one layer of the leaf is possible.
bulletSchabin: Large pieces, a third or half or more of a leaf that is torn and cannot be sold whole.
Abburstig: Much smaller pieces that are chopped off with a paper cutter to even out the leaves. Almost like shavings.

bulletImitation Gold and Aluminum in Rolls (Ribbon Gold): The master roll measures 164 feet (50 meters) in length by 6-1/4" width. This roll will cover approximately 82 square feet.

Cuts in---------------Yields from------------Cuts in--------------Yields from

Inches/mm----------Master Roll------------Inches/mm---------Master Roll

1/4" 6mm 26   1-1/2" 38mm 4
3/8" 10mm 15   1-3/4" 45mm 3
1/2" 13mm 12   2" 51mm 3
5/8" 16mm 9   2-1/2" 63mm 2
3/4" 19mm 8   3" 76mm 2
7/8" 22mm 7   4" 102mm 1
1" 25mm 6   5" 127mm 1
1-1/4" 31mm 5   6" 152mm 1

NOTE: 75 meter (246 feet) master rolls can be ordered. This roll is also 6-1/4" wide and will cover approximately 123 square feet.

Sizing: This is the adhesive to attach leaf to a surface.

LUCO Synthetic Clear Quick Size: This is a varnish with a 1-3 hour tack time. Coverage: 500-600 sq.ft./gal.

LUCO Synthetic Clear Slow Size: This is a varnish with a 10-14 hour tack time. Coverage: 600-650 sq.ft./gal.

NOTE: When time is not a concern, slow size is better to use because it will give a more brilliant gilding.

Imitation Leaf Product List:




LEMM1 Composition Leaf #1 (Deep Red)
LEMM2   Composition Leaf #2 (Deep Red/ Gold)
LEMM    Composition Leaf #2-1/2 (22K Gold Color)
LEMM3 Composition Leaf #3 (Bright Yellow/Lemon)
LEAM Aluminum Silver Leaf
LECS Copper Leaf
LEVR1    Variegated Leaf -Red
LEVB1    Variegated Leaf -Blue
LEVG1    Variegated Leaf -Green
LESCMM    Schlag Metal Prima Prima #2-1/2
LESCAM Schlag Aluminum


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