Genuine Gold Leaf

Genuine gold leaf

Genuine Gold Leaf:

bulletEach gold leaf pack (box) contains 20 books.
bulletEach gold leaf book has 25 leaves measuring 3-3/8" x 3-3/8".
bulletEach gold leaf pack has 500 leaves.
bulletCoverage: Each gold leaf pack will cover approximately 30 square feet. One booklet covers 1-1/2 square feet.
bulletThickness: 0.2 -0.4 microns.

Types of Genuine Leaf:

bulletXX Deep (also known as loose or regular gold leaf): Each gold leaf is placed on the individual pieces of rouged paper which can then be removed or picked up with a gilder’s tip. The thickness of the gold leaf is average as each manufacturer has their own specifications.
bulletGlass Gold: This is the highest quality gold leaf with the fewest patches and pinholes. It is packed on individual pieces of paper like the XX Deep leaf.
bulletPatent Gold (also known as transfer leaf or "gilding in the wind"): Same quality as XX Deep. The leaves are attached to individual pieces of paper. The gold leaf comes off when pressed on a sized surface. Gilder’s tips are not used to remove the individual leaves. Patent leaf, ideally, should be stored in an environment of 80% humidity and wrapped in plastic. If stored in a dry or warm environment, the leaf may come off the paper. To correct this problem, store in a humid area and place under pressure in order to reattach the leaves to the paper. If stored in a very hot and humid area, the leaf may not come off the paper. To correct this problem, place the leaf in the refrigerator overnight. (This may not always work). Thickness: 0.2 - 0.4 microns.
bulletPalladium Leaf: Silver in color. Very resistant to corrosives (except nitric acid). Should be used instead of silver leaf in outside gilding.
bulletSilver Leaf: Made from genuine silver and will tarnish.
bulletMoon Gold:Made from gold, palladium, platinum and silver.
bulletRibbon Gold (also known as rolled gold): Should be used on flat areas. Should be used with synthetic or oil size. If the rolls are subject to improper storage, see Patent Leaf for corrective measures. The German rolls are available in the following sizes: Master rolls of 67.5 feet (20.5 meters) in length, will cover approximately 22.5 square feet. Master rolls of 75 feet (23 meters) by 7-3/4" (197mm) wide, will cover approximately 48.4 square feet.
bulletShell Gold: Powder gold suspended in gum arabic in tablet form. Water soluble for touch-up. Mix with water. Apply with smooth brush.


Genuine Gold Leaf Product List



LEG22DN German XX Deep 22K 15-15.5 Grams
LEG23DN German XX Deep 23K 16-16.5 Grams
LEG22PN German XX Patent 22K 15-15.5 Grams
LEG23PN German XX Patent 23K 16-16.5 Grams
LEG23GN German Glass Gold 23K  
LEG22MM German 18K 15.3 Grams
LEG12WN German White Gold 12K 16.7 Grams 
  Genuine Gold Powder 24K - 50 Micron/Gram  
  Genuine Silver Powder 24K - 50 Micron/Gram  
LESN German Regular Silver Leaf 33 Grams 


LEK Gilders' Knife - Double Edge
LEP Gilders' Pad
BR3230 Gilders' Tip: Brown Hair 4"x2" Single Thick
BR3232 Gilders' Tip: Brown Hair 4"x2" Double Thick
LEGEL Gold Leaf Gelatin (Stronger than Rabbit Skin Glue)
LEW Gilders' Wheel (Will accept 3mm {0.12"} to 100mm {4" rolls.})

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