Gilding and Decorative Painting Books  


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1. Gilding by Jane Laferia.  Easy techniques and elegant projects with gold leaf.

ITEM # REBGI  Suggested List Price $17.95

2. Professional Painted Finishes - A Guide To Art and Business Decorative Painting  by Ina Brosseau Marx, Allen Marx & Robert     Marx. Contains over 500 colorplates of decorative painting.

ITEM # REBPF  Suggested List Price $45.00

3. Gilding, The Glory of Gold by Sue Trytell.  A contemporary approach to gilding with instructions for household items.

ITEM # REBG12 Suggested List Price $17.95

4. Gilding for the Home - Decorating With Gold Silver and Metal Leaf by Liz Wagstaff.  A practical course on gilding with gold,silver and metal.

ITEM # REGH Suggested List Price $12.95

5. Gold Leaf Techniques  Fourth Edition by Kent H. Smith, from original by Raymond Leblanc.  The ultimate book in gold leafing instructions.  The causes,prevention and solutions to common gilding problems are covered.

ITEM# REBGT Suggested List Price $39.95


Gilding and Decorative Painting Videos


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With the appropriate brushes, you can make a piece of wood look like an imported piece of marble or an expensive type of exotic wood.   The videos, which serve as a companion to the book Professional Painted Finishes - A Guide To Art and Business Decorative Painting  by Ina Brosseau Marx, Allen Marx & Robert Marx, are the equivalent of twelve eight hour days of intensive instruction.  Not only do they provide you with step-by-step instruction, they also elaborate on the understanding and analysis of the technique.

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"FINISHING SCHOOL"   Videos (Suggested List Price $50.00)

Marbling I -  [1 hour 22 min.] The serpentine marbles: (Verde Issorie; Tinos Green; Red Levanto and Verde Antico) Rosso Verona and French Grand Antique.  ITEM # REVM1

Marbling II - [1 hr.23 min.] Theory, analysis and techniques for veins and drifts: Calacattas; Norwegian Rose; Yellow Sienna and Portoro (Black and Gold).  ITEM # REVM2

Marbling & Stones - [1 hr. 45 min.] Malachite; The Travertines; Unpolished Stone; Rasotica; Granites; French Rose and Botticino.   ITEM # REVMS

Graining I - [1 hr.] Theory, analysis and techniques for straight and heart grain, crossfire and knots; Zebrawood; Macasser Ebony, Orientalwood; English Quartered Oak; Harewood; Bird'd Eye Maple; American Oak and Rosewood.  ITEM # REVG1

Graining II - [1 hr. 35 min.] Theory, analysis and techniques for Mahogany - straight ribbon & crotch figures; Satinwood - straight ribbon & crotch figures; Burls, and Country Graining.  ITEM # REVG2

Glazing - [1 hr. 45 min.] Theory, analysis and techniques for surface preparation; technical properties of glazes; rag rolling; strie; single and multi-layer; pearlescent and metallic powders; novelty effects and problem-solving possibilities.  ITEM #REVGL

Color - [1hr. 15 min.] Theory, analysis, matching and mixing; color perception; hue, value and chroma; color in interior design and problem-solving.  ITEM # REVCO

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Water Gilding - [2 hrs.] A new step-by-step video geared toward the beginner, which provides an overview to gilding through explanation and demonstration. 

ITEM # REVWG  Suggested List Price $55.00 (not part of the "Finishing School" series).


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