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Glitter (Arts & Crafts, General purpose)


Description: Precision cut metallic Glitter consisting of copolymer, designed for craft and decorative applications.
Thickness: .007 (175 micron)
Yield: 18 sq ft/lb
Specific Gravity: 1.4
Distortion Temp: 155 F/ 70 C
Smallest Particle
.015 x .015 (375 micron)
Glitter (General purpose - PL)
Colors shown in size .040" hex

Please note: Colors may vary due to monitor calibration.

Red Purple
Navy Blue Pink
Dark Gold Light Blue
Antique Brown Blue Lavender
Forest Green Blue Turquoise
Wine Golden Orange
Green Turquoise Emerald Green
Fuchsia Gunmetal
Royal Blue Copper
Violet Crystal Iris
Crimson Black
Sea Green M.I.I. Crystal
Apricot Multi
Pale Gold Fluorescent Yellow
River Green Fluorescent Red
Dusty Rose Fluorescent Orange
Rich Red Gold Fluorescent Green
Black Neon Iris Aurora Pearl

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