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Genuine & Imitation Gold Leaf, Gilding Supplies, Magic Leaf

Artist/Craft/Decorative Painting Brushes, Bronze Powders, Glitters

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Gold Leaf Manufacturing Process

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Company Profile

Leading Importer/Manufacturer of High Quality Gold Leaf and Other Gilding and Artist Supplies with a Comprehensive Selection of:

bulletBronze and Aluminum Powders
bullet Genuine Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf  and  Palladium Leaf and Ribbon Gold
bulletGilding Supplies, Books and Videos
bulletImitation Leaf: Gold, Silver, Variegated, Copper, and Ribbon Gold
bullet Magic Leaf
bulletNon-Tarnishing Glitter


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Contact Information

Telephone: 800-664-5826

FAX:  914-664-8728

Postal address: 420 South Fulton Ave.* Mount Vernon, New York 10553


Information: office420@aol.com
Sales:          uhlfelder@aol.com

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LUCO Products  Genuine Gold Leaf  Imitation Gold Leaf   Magic Leaf  

Artist/Craft/Decorative Brushes  Books and Videos   Bronze Powders   Glitter

Burnishers (Agates) 

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