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Genuine & Imitation Gold Leaf, Gilding Supplies, Magic Leaf

Artist/Craft/Decorative Painting Brushes, Bronze Powders, Glitters

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Gold Leaf Manufacturing Process


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Company Profile

Leading Importer/Manufacturer of High Quality Genuine Gold Leaf, Imitation Gold Leaf, Patent Gold Leaf, Gold Size, Aqua Size, Gilding Materials, Gilding Supplies, Bole, Gilding Clasy, Artist Supplies and much more, browse our comprehensive selection below:


bullet Bronze Powder and Aluminum Powder
bullet Burnishers (Agates)

Burnishing Clays

bullet Gelatin Brushes (Oxhair Signwriters)
bullet Genuine Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf  and  Palladium Leaf and Ribbon Gold
bullet Gilding Books and Videos
bullet Imitation Leaf: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Variegated leaf, Copper leaf, and Ribbon Gold
bullet Magic Leaf
bulletNon-Tarnishing Glitter


For information on our Floral products please visit:

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Contact Information

Telephone: 800-664-5826

FAX:  914-664-8728

Postal address: 420 South Fulton Ave.* Mount Vernon, New York 10553


Information: office420@aol.com
Sales:          uhlfelder@aol.com

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Burnishers (Agates) 

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